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The Heran S. Sevee Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and distributor of all kinds of Fiberglass products of consistent quality for longer than 22 years employing engineers and experienced technicians to produce the fiberglass products according to your requirements such as the water treatment tanks, Grease Trap Tanks, Chemical Storage Tanks, high pressure Fiberglass Pultrusion Pipes, R.O. Filter Tubes, Fiberglass Tanks of TIS 435-2548. Besides, the Company is pleased to design the tanks and Sewage Treatment Tanks through to the Water Purification Plant with Reverse Osmosis (RO) principle throughout 30 years of experiences. The Company keeps research and developing the production technology of the Fiberglass products that meets the international standards for optimum benefits to our customers. We have specialists to give you knowledge, instruction, and consultancy of all phases of products as follows:

  1. Fiberglass Water Tanks for service underground and on ground of TIS Standard No. 435-2548
  2. Sewage Treatment Tanks produced from good and quality grade of raw materials to treat the sewage, and condition the sewage to non toxic water to the environment before draining into the public drainage. The engineer certifies the system design.
  3. Grease Trap Tanks are finished tanks efficient in treatment of drainage from the restaurants, food shops, and household prior to delivering the treated water into the public drain pipes so safe to the environments. The Reverse Osmosis water filter system delivers clear and purest water without particles and dirt.
  4. R.O. Vessel tubes of various sizes
  5. Chemical Storage Tanks
  6. Every product manufactured by pulling through the Pultrusion process
  7. Other Fiberglass products of all kinds such as Flower pots, various types of boats, pig meal basins, Water Trays, Waste Collection tanks, Translucent Roof Sheets, Sunroof Sheets including above roof Ventilating Spinning Fans
  8. Polyester Resin, Fiberglass, Woven Glass sheet
  9. Design and repair Fiberglass products